LocoMate™ ASD with Dual DSRC Radios comes in a small form factor for in-vehicle deployment with a full DSRC WAVE software solution and applications for integration with smartphones to ease the human-user-interface. The solution is integrated with GPS (better than 1 meter accuracy), Bluetooth and high-power 802.11p radios. This OBU is powered with dual band DSRC radios and an ASD kit. It is fully compliant with Omni-Air’s certification and used in worldwide deployments including the US Department of Transportations’ Safety Pilot in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Intelligent-Transportation-Systems-America-Member OmniAir-Certified-Member Approved-US-Department-of-Transportation-Qualify-Product-List-Vendor The-CAR-2-CAR-Communication-Consortium-Member WAVE-standard-support-1609.2-1609.3-1609.4 SAE-J2735-SupportBluetooth-Compatible Dedicated-Short-Range-5.9-Communication-802.11p Can-bus-Support


ico_pdf ARADA LocoMate ASD with Dual DSRC Radio OBU-205

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Emergency Vehicle Management
  • Train Crossing
  • Tolling
  • Commerce Applications ($)
  • Truck Platooning
  • Taxi Management
  • Geo-Fencing



IEEE White Paper

Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE)

IEEE 802.11 enabled WiFi devices, present in the personal computing devices, communicate with each other after standard authentication, and association procedures. But, consider deploying these devices in a high speed moving automobile, wherein the communication environment rapidly changes, and the transactions have to be completed in a short time interval. IEEE 802.11p (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments – WAVE) amendment attempts to solve this problem of deploying WiFi devices in vehicular environments.

We present here a solution aimed to solve the challenges in physical layer, and MAC layer by demonstrating a high bandwidth required application. It presents the importance of channel utilization efficiency, and synchronization between multiple wireless nodes.
ico_pdf  white paper pdf