Software Engineer – WLAN:

No. of Positions: 2

Job Description:

We are currently seeking a “Software Engineer WLAN” experienced in providing expertise on 802.11 protocol development best practices and guidelines to the rest of the software team at our Bangalore, India location.

Software Engineer WLAN will help specify and design Arada products to ensure easy and smooth integration of Arada algorithms into target wireless systems. Scope of contribution includes, but is not limited to: WLAN protocol design and development, driver porting and maintenance, development testing. This position provides expert networking knowledge and support in both development and operational phases of the information life cycle. This includes providing outstanding customer service, technical knowledge, and accurate and timely deliverables.

Work Profile:
• Requirements gathering
• Participate in evaluation of new software solutions
• WLAN protocol design, development, porting and integration
• Development and Extensive Debugging on Real-time embedded target systems
• Contribute in the product inception, development through manufacturing
• Review of WLAN protocol Code and Design
• Thoroughly document and support implemented code
• Work with all departments to troubleshoot system integration issues
• Work with senior engineers in team and take ownership for designing, implementing and unit testing modules to given specifications
• Work on cutting edge products with a Start-Up Environment
• Have A Sense of Ownership and responsibility
• Surrounded by people who are working towards the high goals and who have the same drive and excitement
• Hanging out with smart and innovative people, learning about things you never knew existed

Desired Skills and Experience

• 2-5 years of professional WLAN Development
• Excellent C programming skills
• Good understanding of TCP/IP
• Knowledge of 802.11 protocols (802.11n is a plus)
• Thorough understanding of Data Structures and Operating System concepts Expertise in Wi-Fi driver development, porting and integration
• Excellent problem solving and fault diagnosis skills, especially for wireless complex
• Ability to work independently and in a team environment generating trust and building alliances with co-workers Strong inter-personal and communication skills
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, Master’s Degree a plus

Software Engineer- 1

No. of Positions: 2

We are currently seeking a “Software Engineer” experienced in providing expertise on networking / packet filtering at our Bangalore, India location.

Work Profile:

To work on networking / packet filtering

Desired Skills and Experience:
2-5 years of Working Knowledge in C/C++, Java, Web based GUI development
Knowledge in Networking / protocols is must and WLAN / 802.11

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IEEE White Paper

Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE)

IEEE 802.11 enabled WiFi devices, present in the personal computing devices, communicate with each other after standard authentication, and association procedures. But, consider deploying these devices in a high speed moving automobile, wherein the communication environment rapidly changes, and the transact

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ions have to be completed in a short time interval. IEEE 802.11p (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments – WAVE) amendment attempts to solve this problem of deploying WiFi devices in vehicular environments.

We present here a solution aimed to solve the challenges in physical layer, and MAC layer by demonstrating a high bandwidth required application. It presents the importance of channel utilization efficiency, and synchronization between multiple wireless nodes.
ico_pdf white paper pdf